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Our Natural Ingredients Are Sustainably Sourced. We Aren’t Harming The Rain Forests.

Palm oil is in half of the products we buy but the impacts of unsustainable production can be devastating. In the U.S., palm oil is found in 50% of packaged consumer goods sold in grocery stores. It is widely used because it minimizes separation and is free of trans-fats. NGOs estimate that 18% of palm currently sold comes from sustainable sources. According to the Orangutan Land Trust, an advocacy group that works to preserve orangutan habitat, the island of Borneo alone has 35 million acres of unforested land that is suitable for oil palm cultivation, and that far exceeds projected growth for the next few decades: “It is a complete fallacy that new oil-palm plantations need to come at the expense of forests.”

We Use All Natural Ingredients,
No Bullshit.

When you’re accustomed to doing things a certain way as you always have, you probably don’t see why you should switch up your routine. Once you compare the benefits of natural health and beauty products to the way things used to be done, however, you’ll see why you would want to adopt a new, natural lifestyle with health and beauty products that can help you look and feel great.

Many natural products work better than their conventional counterparts because they don’t contain unnecessary fillers or irritants. And while some unnatural products may seem to work better with the first try, over the long-term, the harmful chemicals that made your skin feel cleaner or your hair feel smoother may actually cause damage.

We don’t test on fur-babies,
No way, Jose.

In the animal rights movement, cruelty-free is a label for products or activities that do not harm or kill animals anywhere in the world. Products tested on animals are not considered cruelty-free, since these tests are often painful and cause the suffering and death of millions of animals every year. At PamperedHuman, we are proud to say that all of our products and ingredients are absolutely cruelty free.

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I started using the soaps and fell in love. Now I’m pretty much using everything, and I LOVE ALLOF IT! My skin is glowing, so healthy!

Denise Williams

I bought the beard oil and balm, and after using it I must say, I love it! I didn’t really think I would notice a difference with the natural product, but I did within a few days! Customer for life! Thanks for making something for guys that isn’t lame.

James Stamper

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